perjantai 7. syyskuuta 2018

Asusteita Accessories

Sää on viilennyt ja nyt tarvitaan aamuisin jo lämpimiä vaatteita.

The temperature has become cooler and cooler each day. You need warm clothes in the mornings, f.ex a scarf and beret.

Huivi ja baskeri on neulottu. Sain niihin idean Liisan blogista, mutta baskerin tein omien kokeilujeni pohjalta.

The scarf and beret has been knitted. I got the idea from Liisas blog, but the beret is made according to my own experiments.

Näistä tuli Mariannelle sopivat asusteet.
Kukkavaasissa on kultapiiskuja. Ne ovat aika kivan näköisiä.

They are perfect for Marianne.
There are goldenrods in the vase. They are nice.

10 kommenttia:

  1. The scarf and beret are amzing!

  2. Dear Sirkka,

    Please tell Marianne she is looking beautiful as always. I am pretty sure this wonderful scarf and beret will keep her warm!

    Thank you for posting that first photo of the chair and the little table with the vase of goldenrods on it. There is something so PEACEFUL about that scene. :O)

    It is getting colder here now, too. The citizens of Riverside are thinking about retrieving their warm vests from the closet, at least in the mornings they could already make use of them.

    Have a nice weekend,

    1. Dear Nina,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I have goldenrods in my garden and they are just now at their best. They are very hight plants,but I wanted to show you, how delicate they can be on a little table.

      The weekend was warm here. It was + 25 and I worked in the garden. There are too many weeds and they need to be wiped out.

      Our greetings to the citizens of Riverside!

      Have a nice week,

  3. Un conjunto perfecto para este invierno,feliz fin de semana:-)

    1. Autumn can be cool and it is better to ready oneself for that. It may snow already in October in Finland, so the cold days are coming sooner than we think.