maanantai 2. tammikuuta 2017

Hyvää uutta vuotta 2017! Happy New Year 2017!

 Perheemme haluaa toivottaa kaikille lukijoille Hyvää uutta vuotta 2017. Toivottavasti luette blogiamme tänäkin vuonna.
P.S. Joulupukki toi Emilialle punaisen neulepaidan ja Eetulle beessin neuletakin, jossa on sinisiä raitoja.

Our family want to wish you Happy New Year 2017! We hope you will read our blog also this year.
P.S. Emily got a red jumper and Eetu got a beige cardigan with blue stipes from Santa Claus. 

Makeita kakkuja, pikkuleipiä, suklaata ja karkkeja on syöty kylläkseen. Nyt on vuorossa muunlaiset herkut: juusto, viinirypäleet, kermakeksit ja  juustokeksit.

Almost everybody have eaten  sweet cakes, cookies, chocolate and candies enough. Salty treats will taste now very good: cheese, grapes, cream biscuits and cheese biscuits.

Jos jouluna tuli syötyä liian raskaasti on aika syödä terveellisempiä ruokia, kuten kalaa, babyporkkanoita, vihersalaattia, keitettyjä perunoita, nakkeja ja lihapullia.

If you ate too energy-rich food at Christmas it is now time to eat healthier food such as fish,  babycarrots, green salad, boiled potatoes, sausages and meat balls.

Emilia auttaa äitiä ruuanlaitossa joka päivä. Hän on kiinnostunut siitä.

Emily heps mother in cooking every day. She is interested in it.

17 kommenttia:

  1. Preciosos trajes y maravillosa mesa!!!
    Feliz Año Nuevo 2017!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. Herkulliselta näyttää, yhtä hyvissä ja mukavissa tunnelmissa jatkukoon vuosi 2017 Emilian kotona!

  3. Hyvää uutta vuotta! Hienoja neuleita!

  4. Hyvää uutta vuotta. Kauniit neuleet ja mitkä tarjoilut! Oletko itse tehnyt? Herkullisen näköistä ruokaa!

  5. What a wonderful entry for the New Year, Sirkka and Family!

    Thanks to the Family for sharing their celebrations with us! I can see the siblings are tastefully dressed, as always. Santa brought them a very nice jumper and cardigan.

    What is Dad's name? I have not had the pleasure to meet him yet.

    I enjoyed the part about the food and I agree. I have also had enough cookies and such. I will be happy to finally see the cookie jar stay empty now.
    The Family's salmon and babycarrots look delicious!

    Bon appetit!

    1. Hi Nina, at first I have to admit that I am going to play with my dolls also this year. It is said, that a child is healthy when playing. But how is it with a grandma (= me)? Am I sick or do I have to go to a doctor. Hah, hah....

      Dad´s name is Tuomo. He has been seen less than the other members of the family. That is true. There is no reason for that.

      My skills in making Fimo food are poor but I try to do my best. I will aim at mastering the polymer clay technique much better. Salmon is my latest creation. Not complete but quite succeeded.

    2. Dear Sirkka,

      I think certain types of playing have to do with creativity, fun and relaxation and not with age. :) So, it doesn't matter whether you are a grandma or a middle aged person like me. :) That's what I think.

      Thank you for introducing Tuomo to me. I suppose he has been very busy (probably at work in an office?) and therefore had less time to appear in the photographs.

      I am still very impressed by your salmon and baby carrots.

      So happy to hear you will be blogging this year also. Your photos/stories are a treat for my soul! :))


  6. Onpa ihanat tarjoilut! Ja nyt tarkenee uusissa neuleissa! Mukavaa uutta vuotta!